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Sometimes you go to bed after a long day, lie down, turn off the lights, and close your eyes for sleep to overtake you, except it never does. You are exhausted yet wide awake. It can be that you are too tired to sleep. But why are you experiencing this? And what to do if you can’t sleep even though you are tired? We will answer these questions in this blog.

Can you be too tired to sleep?

Firstly, let us discuss if it is possible to be too tired to sleep. We know that children overtire themselves. But as adults, we are also constantly working and ignoring the signs that our body needs rest. You might start your day with a cup of coffee and then another, and the cycle goes on. Yes, you can be tired but too caffeinated to sleep.

Similarly, you can overwork your body and brain. As a result, you will find it difficult to fall asleep at night because you have been buzzing all day long. Down below is a list of four possible reasons for this:

  1. A Wrong Nap Strategy
    Napping is good for your health, as it has many benefits. However, you can follow the wrong nap strategy, interfering with your nighttime sleep. Thus, you should avoid taking long naps and napping in the afternoon. This will help you fall asleep easily at night and wake up feeling fresh.
  2. Caffeine
    If you drink a lot of caffeine, it might be the time to stop. Consuming caffeine, even a few hours before bed, can disturb your sleep significantly. Therefore, limiting your caffeine intake is better for your sleep and overall health.
  3. Smart Phones
    Your mom is right that smartphones cause— well, not all — but many problems. These devices have a blue light that emits from their screens, and it can decrease sleepiness by suppressing melatonin production. Hence, it is best to stop using any device 2 hours before bed. This includes your laptop, tablets, smartphones, and TV.
  4. Sleep Disorders
    Sleep disorders like delayed phase syndrome, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome can also make you too tired to sleep. It is better to ask for your doctor’s suggestions on what to do in this case.

Too tired to sleep — what to do?

If you are too tired to sleep, you can follow the following tips:

  • Try to practice calming activities before bed. They will help you stay mindful and allow your brain to rest.
  • Turn the notifications off from your phone. Let this time be just for your body to relax and recharge.
  • Try changing rooms. Go to another room, try journaling, and clear your mind before returning to your bed to sleep.
  • Go for a white noise machine or earplugs to avoid disturbance from other noises.
  • Keep a cool temperature in your room.
  • Do not turn on the lights; instead, keep your room dark.



There are many reasons you can be too tired to sleep. But before grabbing any sleeping pills, get to the bottom of the problem. Remember: the reasons are not limited to the ones we have mentioned. Talk to your sleep doctor about why you might be suffering from overtiredness and what to do about it. Our specialists at Sleep and Headache Solutions are always here to guide you if you have any concerns. Just dial 832-688-8886 or leave a mail at for appointments.

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