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Coronavirus pandemic has struck the whole world, and everyone is at risk. At present, we have only limited information about the virus; however, much research is going on. Individuals with a more robust immune system can fight with the virus and have a lower risk of getting ill. Healthy immune also depends on a good diet and proper hours of sleep. So is there a link between sleep apnea and coronavirus? Furthermore, which other factors increase the likelihood of this pandemic? Let’s find out.

Sleep apnea and coronavirus

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory tract and starts multiplying it. Many patients have lost their lives as it results in respiratory failure. Those at higher risk include; old age and obese people or those suffering from heart and lung problems or diabetes. When the virus attacks their immune system, it is difficult to fight it, and their condition worsens. People suffering from sleep apnea also have a high risk of catching the virus; hence they need to take precautions.

Who is more at risk from COVID-19?

Patients suffering from other diseases
An illness or prolong disease weakens an individual, and the body is susceptible to viral attacks. Similar occurs to people having diabetes, cardiovascular or lung problems, and respiratory infections. Patients suffering from other illnesses have higher fatality rates in comparison with others. Besides, healthy individuals mostly cure after catching the virus with proper care and treatment. Hospital records show that the fatality rate is much lower in them.

Old age
With age, our immune system weakens. When comparing a teen’s strength to a middle or old age person; a teen is much more robust, and so is his strength. Similarly, coronavirus affects all ages, but old age people have fewer chances of recovery. When we talk about this disease and age, a weak body can easily catch the infection. Hence, people who have crossed the age of 65 need to take proper care and follow all the preventive measures, including handwashing and wearing masks.

Sleep apnea
Coronavirus enters the body via three ways; eyes, nose, or mouth. It reaches below the voice box and attacks the cells present, entering into the lungs afterward. Proper sleeping habits result in good health. Those with a lack of sleep often fight with many types of problems. Their weak immune system cannot attack the virus, so their fatality rate is higher. Nothing is confirmed yet, and much research is still needed to find accurate results. However, there is a connection between sleep disorder and the disease.

How should I protect against COVID-19?

To stay healthy during the current times;

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Take care of hygiene and wash your hands regularly
  • Practice social distancing
  • Have a fair amount of sleep as it is vital for good health
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies, have healthy food, and avoid junk.
  • Wear masks and follow the SOPs properly

If you still have concerns about sleep apnea and coronavirus, contact Sleep and Headache Solutions. We treat several sleeping disorders. Call us at 832-688-8886 to schedule your appointment.

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