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Your sleeping position indicates common aspects of your life, such as your health. Your sleeping position will also decide the quality of sleep you will get. The log position is believed to be the ideal position to sleep in. It’s when you rest on your side and extend your legs and hands straight. The log sleeping position is regarded as the second most common sleeping position.

The wrong sleeping position may also be a factor for sleepwalking. Those who suffer from sleepwalking usually use the starfish position or the log position while sleeping. People from different age groups sleep in various positions; such as you will find most millennials sleeping in the freefall position.

The starfish and Soldier position includes sleeping on your back. Doing so could be the reason for a lot of pain in the lower back. Those sleeping in the starfish position usually suffer from sleep apnea because your natural curve is not aligned in these positions. You feel such pain. The solution is to tuck a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your back to align the natural curve and help you avoid any back pain.

The Freefall position includes sleeping on your stomach, which can cause lower back pain and neck pain. If you want to avoid neck pain while sleeping in the freefall position; you should always use a soft pillow that is good for your neck.

The log and fetal positions include sleeping on your sides. Because this position does not have any ill effects, your sleep specialist will recommend you sleep in this position moving forward.

If you are unsure which sleep position is ideal for you, do not hesitate to call us at 832-688-8886, and our specialists at Sleep & Headache Solutions will be happy to assist you.

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