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A good night’s sleep is all you need to start the next day full of vigor. But how are you supposed to wake up fresh when you’re tossing and turning in your bed every night, unable to catch some z’s?

As vital as it is to fulfill your nightly sleep quota, it’s just as important to make sure your sleeping conditions are well-maintained. For instance, using your phone for doom-scrolling is a big No.

You might not think so, but it greatly affects the quality of your sleep. Instead, if you want to stop tossing in your bed every night, limit your screen time and read this blog for more tips.

Why Do I Keep Tossing and Turning At Night?

There’s nothing worse than lying in your bed all cozied up, ready to sleep, but it never seems to come. Instead, you’re left tossing around, hoping to get some shut-eye. Maybe tomorrow is a big day, and you have to get up early, or perhaps you want to rest after a tiring day.
Either way, if sleep seems to evade you, it could be due to one of the reasons mentioned below.

  1. Stress or Anxiety
    When your mind is racing with thoughts of work, school, or bringing forth old embarrassing memories, distracting you from sleep, it could be due to stress and anxiety.
  2. Caffeine Overdose
    Caffeine is known for the adrenaline rush it provides. But besides boosting your energy, it can pull you away from mindful sleep. Drinking too much caffeine can have you stay up all day and night.
  3. Excessive Screen Time
    Overstimulating your senses before bedtime is the single worst way to chase after deep sleep. From your eyes to ears, everything starts to wake up, staying on high alert. This is why you toss and turn in your bed every night.
  4. Change of Place
    Like jetlag, a change of place or environment is enough to ruffle your sleeping pattern. Even the smallest change can disturb your routine, preventing you from getting a good night’s rest.
  5. Body Temperature
    If you constantly switch sides of the pillow, your body temperature might not be ideal. Being too hot or too cold can disrupt your sleep pattern immensely.
  6. Dry Air
    As bad as humidity is, dry air leads to dry skin, eyes, lips, and sinuses. This can cause a lot of irritation, resulting in no sleep.
  7. Sleep Disorders
    Sometimes, the reason why you can’t rest properly is because there’s a serious sleep disorder at play. In such a case, contact a sleep specialist.

How to Stop Tossing And Turning At Night?

Before you go and get yourself a bottle of melatonin, give the following tips a chance. It might help you gain back your sleep time and quality.

  1. Avoid Stimulants Before Bedtime
  2. Maintain a Healthy Diet
  3. Fix Your Sleeping Position
  4. Do Yoga or Exercise
  5. Visit a Sleep Therapist

Want To Fix Your Sleep But Don’t Know How?

If you’re tired of constantly tossing and turning at night, don’t waste any more time. It’s not healthy for you to miss out on much-needed sleep.
What you can do is reach out to Sleep & Headache Solutions at (832) 688-8886 for more information. You can also come by our clinic at 13114 Farm to Market 1960 Rd West Suite 105 B, Houston, TX 77065. You can find us inside the Memorial Hermann Medical Group Center.

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