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Sleeping is essential to a healthy life. But some people may suffer from rare sleep disorders and may not even be aware of their existence. Insomnia is one of the common disorders we have heard of. As we travel from a country, we often use the term jet lag. People remain unaware that jet lag is a disorder. It occurs when a person’s body does not understand the natural cycle of sleep and wake when one travels across multiple time zones. This usually affects a person’s health and makes them lethargic.

Few Generalized Rare Sleep Disorders

At times, we don’t realize that while we sleep, we can be affected by a sleep disorder, which may make us go sleepless. Sleep-walking, sleep-talking, rapid eye movement, Sleep paralysis, sleep terror all can be reasons for making people go without sleep for several days to months. Not many people have experienced such dangers, but these can affect anyone. All of these disorders disturb sleep and may affect the overall health of a person.

Reasons for These Disorders

Usually, people who suffer from post-traumatic stress generally hear sounds that remind them of their traumatic experiences. It could be of explosions, gunshots, crashing symbols, and other loud noises during sleep, depending on the condition they are in.

People also find it very hard to sleep, primarily when they work at night shifts. It makes it difficult for the body actually to decide about the wake-up and sleep cycle. This disorder can sometimes worsen when a person sleeps much later than most people.

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