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Napping helps us to stay fresh throughout the day. But have you ever experienced a headache once you wake up after a nap? This can sometimes be true. You might, instead of getting fresh, may feel even more exhausted due to a headache. There are several reasons for having a headache after a nap. It is important to identify the cause so you may get the right treatment.

What may cause a headache after taking a nap?

There are several reasons to get a headache after getting up.

Snoring and breathing problem

Snoring is an indicator that a person has breathing problems. People who snore do not experience a relaxed sleep and often get a headache once they get up.

Teeth grinding

Grinding or clenching your teeth while sleeping puts pressure on your teeth and jaws, which can also be a cause of headaches.


It is one of the common reasons for feeling tired and feeling a need to lie down. But your headache may wake you up from a nap. Some of the most common reasons could be:

  1. dehydration
  2. low blood pressure
  3. hormonal changes
  4. congestion

If you are pregnant, make sure to drink a lot of water.

Sleep Hygiene 

Sleep hygiene refers to having healthy habits surrounding sleep. If you have poor sleep hygiene habits, then it can lead to a headache once you wake up after a nap.

If a person is using a hard pillow, this may make your head and neck uncomfortable and, therefore, give rise to headaches. A good pillow would hold your neck and head in a neutral position as if you are standing.

Adopting a healthy sleep routine can also be an important factor in being free from headaches after waking up. However, if you think your headaches are not going away even after changing your habits, then you need the help of a professional like Sleep and Headache Solutions. Call us on 832-688-8886 for further details.

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