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The consequences of sleep apnea are an unhealthy sleep cycle, irregular breathing, and a low-quality lifestyle. And if you are suffering from sleep apnea, you may not be able to breathe properly at night, leading to fatigue, gain in weight, loss of memory, and many more problems. But did now that due to advancements in medical science, you can now undergo sleep apnea surgery to treat your condition and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep apnea happens due to your airway being blocked by the placement of tissues and bone. Hence surgery is a good option to move the placement of the bone and open the pathway for the air to flow easily.

Who Can Undergo A Jaw Surgery?

  • If you are below the age of fifty
  • Have a BMI lesser than thirty
  • If you have got a setback jaw
  • There are no abnormalities in your upper and lower jaw
  • Are less than 50 years of age
    • What Happens To Your Jaw?

      Once the surgery is complete, you will have to follow the instructions carefully. Recovery will take about two to three months, and you will have to follow a strict diet to ensure proper healing. You may also get braces around the teeth for stability and fast recovery. And for pain and swelling, keep taking your medication. If you carefully follow the instructions, your recovery will be swift.

      Why Is Surgery The Best Option?

      You will get a better and more peaceful sleep which will help improve your quality of life. It will reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, etc.
      The natural numbness that occurs because of jaw surgery, you will feel lesser pain post-surgery and is acceptable by most patients.
      There is no need to use any external devices as they adjust the jaw to expand your airway.

      Will Your Appearance Change?

      There will be a slight change in your look because the placement of the jaw will change. You will be comfortable with the changes, love the new placement, and get a more youth-looking facial structure.

      What’s Next For You?

      As you now know, correcting your jaw is the best solution to take care of sleep apnea; remember that the risks are minimal and the procedure is also less painful, and recovery is swift. So now that you know sleep apnea surgery is a good option to go forward with, visit us Sleep & Headache Solutions and speak to our specialists if you are suffering from sleep apnea and are looking for a surgical solution. Call us at 832-688-8886 to book your appointment.

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