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Many sleep specialists say that sleeping without a pillow has a lot of benefits; and chances are you may be feeling that sleeping without a pillow will not be comfortable, but here are reasons why is it better to sleep without a pillow:

Improves Your Back Pain: Sleeping on one or more pillows is why most people complain of back pains. Due to sleeping on pillows, your natural curve is not supported; leading to an unnatural sleeping position which eventually leads to back pain.

Relieves Your Neck Pain: Most of the pillows available do not offer the right amount of support you require; due to which you complain of neck pain which leads to your body posture becoming worse. Instead, if you sleep without a pillow; your head and back will be naturally aligned; leading to the back retaining its natural posture. This will also help your nerves from being damaged and your muscles from being strained.

Control Your Headaches: Another common problem you may be facing is waking up in the morning with light or severe headaches. And the reason for this is your pillow. If you have been using a soft pillow; it slows the blood flow into your head, leading to a lack of oxygen which eventually leads to morning headaches. Try sleeping without a pillow is the see the difference.

If you are suffering from the issues mentioned above and are not sure what the issue is; try sleeping without a pillow. If you are confused about whether it is better to sleep without a pillow, visit us at Sleep & Headache Solutions. Our specialists will be able to assist you. Call us at (832) – 688 – 8886 to inquire more.

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