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Do you get enough sleep every night? If yes, then you are lucky. But those who fail to get a good night’s sleep regularly, sleep deprivation can be a problem. Lack of sleep can disturb your daily routine as well as your work. Though you might not want to stay awake, your daily choices might force you to. This condition may lead to insufficient sleep syndrome.

Symptoms of Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

The people may not realize themselves that they are going through it, but if they observe the following symptoms, they may be able to identify it:

  1. Daily sleep for less than eight hours
  2. People around them let them know that they need to sleep more
  3. Feel better and fresh if they sleep more
  4. Does not have any other sleeping disorder
  5. Is poor at concentrating
  6. Lack of energy
  7. Is often irritable
  8. Have attention problem

Risks Associated with Insufficient Sleep Syndrome

There can be various risks for this syndrome. A person may start having it in their mid or late thirties and it affects men more than women. He/she may not realize it until the age of 40. This is often linked with people who have to reach their workplace in the early hours of the day and later are not able to go to sleep too early. This often leaves them with a few sleeping hours.

How to Diagnose It

Specialists who deal with sleep disorders can diagnose them easily. The team at Sleep and Headache Solutions review all the symptoms and also look for other sleeping disorder that may compromise the sleep.

Our doctors also take your medical history so that no other medical condition is affected by this syndrome’s treatment. With us, you will, for sure feel a difference in your sleep patterns and your alertness during the day. Call us on 832-688-8886 if you desire to have any details of sleep disorders.

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