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When talking about melatonin, did you know that it is a natural hormone that helps you sleep? But you can also find it at a pharmacy near you and buy it over the counter. Now the next question you might have is how long does the effect of melatonin last in your body, and we have explained this in the below article.

What is Melatonin, And Why Is It Important?

Melatonin is a natural hormone in your body on which depends the body’s circadian rhythms, and the pineal gland produces it. The moment your eyes begin absorbing sunlight, it tells the pineal gland that they need to stop releasing melatonin. But as the sun settles in the evening, this lessening of light produces a signal and then begins the production of melatonin.

But in some cases, the production of melatonin is less or not there; hence you may have the need to consume over-the-counter sleeping aids. This is helpful if you are:

  • working night shifts and need to sleep during the day
  • are experiencing jetlag
  • visually impaired or blind
  • suffering from dementia

Along with sleep, it also helps your brain stay calm, especially before and after surgery. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe you to consume it before one.

Its Effects?

Although the medical community promotes the intake of extra melatonin, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate it.

As per dosage experts, over counter melatonin may remain in your body for about five to eight hours, but it also depends on your dosage and several other factors.

In most cases, it takes about an hour for your body to absorb all the melatonin, and you will then start feeling drowsy. But remember that how medicine may affect your body depends on many different factors:

  • Your age
  • How healthy are you
  • Weight and body composition
  • If you are using some other medication along with it
  • Do you consume tobacco and alcohol
  • Sleeping habits
  • And the composition of the medicine

Sleep habits do not only mean when do you sleep but also your sleep environment. If you are exposed to electronic devices and bright light while sleeping, it means your brain is actually awake even though you feel it’s asleep. Hence, for better sleep, keep yourself away from such devices before you sleep.

What Should You Do Next?

Now that you know that to have a peaceful and good night’s sleep, you must have slept and had a perfect sleep environment, so begin with setting your room well. But if you are looking to know how long does melatonin lasts and what you should do if you are still suffering from a sleep disorder, visit Sleep & Headache Solutions and speak to our specialists regarding your sleep problems. Call us at 832-688-8886 and book your appointment now.

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