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We make sure to keep our workspaces, our clothes, and ourselves clean. However, we choose to overlook our bedrooms sometimes. You may have kept it tidy, washed the sheets every once in a while, perhaps you even vacuumed the floors twice a week, but did you take a look within the corners behind your closets? When did you last clean your pillow?

Firstly, try opening up the windows and doors, let the oxygen flow through your room, alongside the morning breeze. At night, remember to close the windows to protect your privacy. Next, set a schedule for when you will clean your room next; hence we will recommend that you clean your home every day. If not, try to manage it twice or thrice a week.

If your window allows enough sunlight to enter your home, plant a small sapling or plant in your room. If you keep a plant in your room, remember to take good care of it, plants usually attract many insects, which means you will require a ton of cleaning.

To get quality sleep, you need to wash your bedsheets every once a week. Your quilts and comforters, on the other hand, should be cleaned once a month. As for your pillows, wash them once every three months.

Most people store things below their beds, and afterward, they find it challenging to dig through all the stuff. To clean your room correctly, clean the space below your bed. If you have to use it as storage, then place the items in order so that it looks neat and you do not waste a lot of time in the future looking for something.

These are some steps to ensure you have a proper sleep, but if you think you cannot get a good night’s sleep and the reason is something else, give us a call at 832-688-8886, and our specialists at Sleep & Headache Solutions will be able to assist you.

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