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Night terrors or sleep terrors are nighttime episodes that recur in a person when he/she is sleeping. They occur due to fear, and agitation one feels in a dream. Screaming in the night may wake the person up from a deep sleep. Even after waking up, the person may feel fear for several minutes until they don’t sleep back. Night terrors are common in children. However, adults may have them too. The following are the reasons why a person may be screaming in the night.

Sleep Deprivation

Individuals who do not get proper sleep every night and remain tired the entire day may once in a while have a sleep terror. It may also happen if a person is facing some kind of an illness like a high fever. Stress and continuous travel contribute to the problem of night terror. It occurs when a person really has long hours every day. Therefore, an adult must try to get eight hours of sleep every day to save himself from this terror. Know that no sleep deprivation keeps a person away from screaming in the night.

Underlying Conditions

In adults, mostly night terror occurs when they consume a lot of alcohol at night before sleeping. Obstructive sleep apnea may also be responsible for the resulting night terror. It is a disorder in which the breathing pattern of a person changes during sleep. If a person is undergoing mental conditions like depression and anxiety, then he/she may become prey to sleep terror.

It is a condition that must not be left untreated. Sleep and Headache Solutions offer a valid treatment for this disorder. If you fear you may not be able to sleep peacefully at night and may have night terror, call us on 832-688-8886 for an appointment. Our experts promise a guaranteed treatment so you and your loved ones may sleep peacefully.

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