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Have you ever suffered from a headache that kept pounding through your head the entire day? The only thing you want to do then is crawl into your bed and drift off to sleep. But what if your headache gets worse when lying down? It can feel like the entire weight of the world is pressing down on you, making your head pulse. As awful as the feeling is, sometimes all it takes is a painkiller to beat away the pain. However, if you constantly find yourself getting headaches that turn worse when you’re lying down, it could be a cause for concern. Keep reading this blog to learn what could be the reason behind it and how you can manage the pain.

Why Does My Headache Get Worse When Lying Down?

If you frequently get headaches, it could be due to an underlying health condition or an effect of dehydration. But if you get headaches that make your head heavy, which cause the symptoms to get worse the moment you lie down, it might be related to either of the following conditions.

  1. Sinus Congestion
    If you have sinus flu, you can expect a lot of headaches because of the congestion. It can especially get worse when you lie down since the mucus in your sinuses struggles to drain properly, given the horizontal position. This increases the pressure in your head, leading to discomfort.
  2. Tension Headaches
    Tension headaches develop as a result of stress and can intensify due to muscle tension in your neck and shoulders. Thus, when you lay down, the tensed muscles add to the headache, making it hurt more.
  3. Migraines
    When the blood flow in your brain gets too intense, it can give way to a migraine. This causes extreme pain on one side of your head. However, lying down can alter blood circulation in the brain, which is known to trigger even more pain than usual.
  4. Sleep Apnea
    People with sleep apnea are known to have an irregular breathing pattern. Getting a headache in such cases can be difficult, as when you lie down or try to go to sleep, the lack of proper oxygen flow could double the pain of the headache.
  5. Dehydration
    When your body is running low on water and hydration, it takes it out on you when you least expect it. A headache caused by dehydration can seem worse when you sit or lie down. Until you maintain proper hydration levels, the headache will gradually cause more pain.

How to Treat a Headache

There are plenty of ways you can ease a headache. However, it mainly depends on the type of headache you’re dealing with and the cause behind it. While over-the-counter pain relievers work in most cases, other times, the headache can be dealt with by drinking lots of fluids and taking ample amounts of rest. When you are sleep-deprived or tired, the effects start manifesting in your head, leading to a light pounding. Even if the pain doubles when you lie down, try your best to clear up your room and set up a nice sleep environment. If the headache refuses to go away or returns every time you rest, visit a medical professional for more advice.

In A Nutshell

All in all, the reason headaches get worse when you lie down is because of various reasons. If the pain persists, do not hesitate to reach out to a medical professional and get an evaluation. For more queries and concerns, feel free to contact Sleep and Headache Solutions at (832) 688-8886.

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