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Do you drink green tea before bed?

We all know drinking coffee before you sleep or later in the day is strongly advised against due to caffeine and the effects it may have. However, green tea contains caffeine, too, which raises a question: Is green tea good for sleep?

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of green tea and why having it before you go to sleep is good. Carry on reading to learn!

Benefits of Green Tea for Sleep

A cup of green tea is pretty refreshing and will nourish you with plenty of benefits. You can start your day with the green brew or even finish your day with an exciting cup! Here are some reasons why green tea might be good for sleep:

  1. You Will Sleep Soundly
    Many people twist and turn on their bed, waiting for sleep to come, which seems to take forever. Green tea might be able to fix that! You can have a soothing and peaceful sleep after you enjoy a warm cup of the brew. It contains L-theanine improves the quantity as well as quality of your sleep. This is because it will maintain the stress-related hormone, which helps you calm down. Moreover, green tea will decrease the neuron excitement in your brain, which helps it relax and, in turn, helps you sleep in a peaceful manner.
  2. It Will Alleviate Anxiety
    A little window of relaxation can be really helpful in this anxiety-ridden era. You might use coffee to keep yourself thinking straight, but green tea is a much better choice! Sipping on green tea before bed can really boost your mood and help calm your nerves down. By inducing brainwave production, green tea will make you happy, and you can go to sleep in a better mood.
  3. Green Tea Boosts Immune System
    When stubborn illnesses like a cough or flu strike you down, it will ruin your entire day. Drinking green tea is a significant help since it boosts your immune system and soothes your senses. It contains healthy compounds and antioxidants, which might prove to be pretty effective against these stubborn issues. Revive your senses, and it will help you have a good sleep, too!
  4. You Will Have Enhanced Brain Power
    Green tea is the answer you need to boost your brain activity. Your brain will benefit from the empowering combination of caffeine and L-theanine. Thanks to this combo, your brain function, memory, and attention are strengthened. Plus, the antioxidants present in green tea are great for boosting cognition! Hence, drinking green tea can be good for sleep, improving quality and helping you stay focused the next day.

Final Word

You can improve the quality of your sleep with the help of green tea, which helps reduce stress, improve brain power, and more. Ask your sleep specialist if green tea is the right beverage choice for you before bed!

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